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B.A. : Bachelor of Arts program of Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan is executed at Shree Ambaji Arts College. The B.A. program is full time course.

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At Shree Ambaji Arts College , Department of Gujarati started with the establishment in 1991. Gujarati was introduced as main / core subject. In CBCS it exists as Core Subject. And offered as one of the  subsidiary subject.

It Undergraduage BA Gujarati Literature Programme includes History of Gujarati Literature. Gujarati literature which is divided mainly into three eras or Yuga; the early, medieval and modern, with these eras being further subdivided.

The early era (up to 1450 AD) and medieval era ( 1450 AD - 1850 AD) are divided into 'before Narsinh' and 'after Narsinh' periods sometimes. Some scholars divide this period as 'Rasa yug', 'Sagun Bhakti yug' and 'Nirgun Bhakti yug' also.

The modern era (1850 AD to date) is divided into 'Sudharak Yug' or 'Narmad Yug' From the middle of 19th century, Gujarati, like other regional Indian languages, came under strong western influence, precisely due to colonial residence and colonial reign. Dalpatram (18201898) and Narmad (18331886) are the trailblazers of modern Gujarati literature., 'Pandit Yug' or 'Govardhan Yug' Govardhanram Tripathi (18551907) was wrote "Saraswatichandra (novel)"., 'Ghandhi Yug' (1915-1945 AD) where you find Modern Gujarati prose was ushered in with a bang by Narmada, but K.M. Munshi and, of course, the legend and nationalist himself, Mahatma Gandhi, gave it prominence in this age, 'Anu-Ghandhi Yug' (1940-1955 AD) where we find significant authors like In this era there is a dominance of poets like  Niranjan Bhagat, Rajendra Shah among others.

 'Adhunik Yug'  (1955-1985 AD) which consist of Post-independence Gujarati literature. Some significant writers of this age include Suresh Joshi, Gulam Mohamed Sheikh, Harinder Dave, Chinu Modi, Nalin Raval and Adil Mansuri among others. and  'Anu-Adunik Yug' (1985 - to date) which consist of Bhagwatikumar Sharma, Vinesh Antani Bholabhai Patel, Manilal H . Patel, Anil Joshi who brought freshness in writings. In this age the other themes are run parallel like Dalit literature and 'Feminist literature'.

While the B.A Arts Programme of Gujarati includes literary criticism, linguistics , grammar. It also provides options of Literary essays .

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Gujarati June - 2011
Gujarati Sem.-I to VI Syllabus (Modified) June - 2013
Gujarati Sem.-V  Paper - 503  Modified June - 2014
Gujarati Sem.-VI  Paper - 603 Modified January - 2015

Teaching Staff

Area of interest :

Dr. M. B. Gohil

Akho Kavi, Gujarati Literary Studies and Dalit Literature

Smt. S. C. Patel Gujarati Short Stories
Dr. K. A. Parmar Tribal Literature
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